Sell Any Car (Dubai, UAE) Reviews

By Junaid Malik

Posted 16 OCT, 2019 | Updated 21 DEC, 2019

Sell any car Dubai, UAE Reviews - Personal experience

About Sell Any Car

Sell any car is one of the first and largest online car buyer operated in UAE and other Gulf countries. The process is very simple, you just visit their website and fill detail about your car. The system will generate estimated value of your car and if you are satisfied with the price you can book an appointment for your car inspection. They have multiple branches in Dubai and other part of the UAE, so you just have to go there and they inspect your car and give you final price. If you are satisfied with the final price, they will close deal on same day and will buy your car instantly. Payment will take btween 2 days to 2 weeks.

Our Opinion

Selling a car to companies is not recommended if you are not flexible with the price because most the companies will resale your car after service. In Dubai, companies also export your cars (mostly KSA and other GCC countries) if it new models. But these companies offer 10% to 40% lower price compare to current market price. If you don’t have time or your visa is expiring, then this company is best for you otherwise it’s better if you sell your car to private buyer, other dealers or try to check multiple car buying companies in Dubai to get best price for your car.

Client Reviews (Source Trustpilot)

I was given a final offer much below my expectations, but I sold the car to SAC, as I was told the money would be deposited in my account within 24-48 hrs. It's been 6 days since the title of my car has been changed to SAC, but I'm still waiting for my money!!!
They give bad pricing and their sales representative gives one information n company other .i opted for cash and had to wait for more than 48 hrs for cash as they delayed from their side .worse experience.
Hanaan Shaw