Best way to sell your car in Dubai

By Junaid Malik

Posted 01 OCT, 2019 | Updated 23 OCT, 2019

Getting a personal car in Dubai is a dream of many people living in Dubai and frankly speaking it is very easy to own car in Dubai compare to other part of the world and it would be easier if you have good job and salary. But the problem is every expat living in Dubai is temporary and honestly speaking there is no security for a job in all over GCC countries and especially if you are foreigners and when you resign or your employer terminate your contract, you don’t have any option other than finding a new job or leave the country. The biggest hassle you have to face if you are leaving Dubai is to sell your car. There are hundreds of car buying companies and car dealers located in Dubai but they will never give you actual price for your car. Here are our few recommendation and best / efficient ways to sell your car in Dubai without wasting your time or energy.

How to sell my car in Dubai - Glipee Motors

Sell you car to Dealers

This is one of the most common way to sell your car in Dubai. You just have to post your car ads on social media and wait for the calls, but beware about scammers because most of the dealers are greedy and they just wanted to buy your car as low cost as they can. They will tell you thousands of reasons why your car is not worth to actual market price.

Sell you car to Companies

Undoubtedly, selling your car to company is the most easiest and efficient way to sell your car in Dubai. All companies pay you instant cash payment (Some companies take few days to process your payment) and buy any car guaranteed. The best part about selling your car to those companies is they also handle all paper works and they also pay you in advance if your car mortgage or under loan by bank. According to RTA, you have to clear all vehicle loans before selling it to anyone in UAE. If you are planning to sell your car to companies, here are few recommendations

  • Sell Any Car

  • Very Easy Car (Same day cash payment)

  • We Buy Cars

List your car ads on classified sites

If you are not in hurry and wanted a best and fair price for your car, then you should go with this option. You can post your car ads on different classified sites. This method will take longer time but eventually you will get a good price compare to online car companies and car dealers.

List your car on Facebook marketplace

Yes you can also list your car on facebook market place, almost everyone in UAE are now on facebook and most of them browsing their feeds everyday. so it's a good a idea to post ad on facebook marketplace, there is also groups and pages dedicated only for buying and selling car in UAE

How to sell a car financed by bank (Under Loan)

According to RTA (Road And Transport Authority UAE), You must clear your mortgaged and unpaid loans before selling your car in Dubai (UAE). It’s better to sell your car to companies if you don’t have enough cash in your hand to settle the loan amount, because most of the car buying companies are offer to settle your dues with bank on your behalf, a car owner can make contract with company and these companies will pay for you. After paying your dues you have to wait 3-4 days to receive a confirmation sms from RTA that the car is release and then you can sell it or transfer to second party.

Sports / Luxury Car Buyer

Getting a sport or luxury car is very easy in Dubai, but when it comes to selling it’s become nightmare for most of the people. It’s is really hard to get good price for your high-end cars by companies and dealers. For private buyers its depend, the best options you have is to sell it to agencies from where you bought or try to get trading offer from agencies.

Some of the best agencies and showrooms in Dubai are

Al Futtaim Motors
Auto Bank
Yalla Motors
Garagash UAE


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